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Ranbir Kapoor Finally Breaks His Silence About His Break Up With Karina Kaif! [FULL INTERVIEW]

Recently told you about Ranbir Kapoor opening up about his breakup with Katrina Kaif in an interview with Rajeev Masand. Now Ranbir’s entire interview with Masand is out, and it’s probably the most honest version of Ranbir Kapoor in you will ever get to witness. So, in the interview Ranbir expressed what Katrina means to him.

“I’ve not even said that I’ve broken up you know, don’t feel the need to talk about it. My personal life is very dear to me and what my relationship with Katrina is, was and will always be very influential in my life. Whatever I shared with her, I hold it very dear to me, there is no sense of bitterness, no negativity”

“You don’t need to know if I’m affected or not. My relationship was really punctured by a lot of things; baseless rumors, reports, perceptions. I don’t want to clarify. There’s no awkwardness, as a matter of fact it’s amazing. We’re actors. We aren’t here to bring our personal life and emotions. We come on sets, we bring our characters; emotions. She brings her game on the set and in return I bring my A-game.”

The interview was held at Raj Kapoor’s old home. Remembering all the grizzled memories, Ranbir shared his fun moments with his grandfather.

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