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Rahul Gandhi Un-Intentionally praises BJP, Gets Trolled Instead.

Rahul Gandhi finally came back from his 10 days long London trip and his return isn’t the kind we would have expected. He addressed the congress workers on his return and as expected, he target Demonetization. Most of his speech was focused around Demonetization and the problems that People are facing as a result of it.
Rahul gandhi also went on to say that the Judiciary and RBI have been undermined under the leadership of Modi. He mocked BJP by saying that “Acche Din” will surely come but only in 2019 once the congress comes to power.
Rahul Gandhi Un-Intentionally praises BJP, Gets Trolled Instead. 1
Nowadays, People on Social Media have their eye on any such proceedings. One wrong statement and you’ve just made a mockery out of yourself. Something similar happened with the vice-president of Congress when he accidentally went on to say that “What Congress didn’t do for 70 years, BJP did it in 2.5 years”, Rest is obviously history. Social Media went crazy over the issue. They made #LondonReturnPappu trend on twitter.
Ra-Ga received severe trolls on twitter following his statements. We leave leave you with some of those trolls over here:

Every Rahul deserves a K3G welcome.

There are rumors that Chotta Bheem follows Rahul Gandhi on Twitter.

Why do you give us a opportunity to troll?

What’s your opinion on this entire proceedings? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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