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Rahul Gandhi Caught Sleeping In Lok Sabha During Debate Over Attacks On Gujarat Dalit

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi was caught sleeping inside the Lok Sabha while the House was debating on Dalits unrest in Gujarat. The Congress attacked the government over a spate of violent protests that spread from Una following the assault on Dalit men on July 11 for allegedly skinning a cow. The party has announced Rahul Gandhi will visit Una on Thursday.


As Union Minister Rajnath Singh gave his speech in the Lok Sabha session, one could see Rahul Gandhi dozing off in the back. As the Congress benches erupted in protest over Rajnath’s remarks , television footage showed Rahul Gandhi sleeping with his forehead resting in his palm. Even as his party’s Lok Sabha chief Mallikarjun Kharge and his fellow MPs were on their feet shouting their objections, Rahul seemed to sleep on.

Congress MP from Rajya Sabha, Renuka Chowdhury was outraged over the media broadcasting this alleged. “How can anyone sleep in so much uproar? He was not sleeping. There are much bigger issues to discuss.”

This is not the first time that Rahul was caught sleeping in the Parliament. “He was not sleeping but in deep thoughts,” the party had said when cameras showed him taking a nap.

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