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Queen of Pornhub Mia Khalifa, trolls a fan who makes a tattoo of her face on his leg.

The famous Pornstar Mia Khalifa born in Lebanese made waves in the news some years back where she wore a hijab and appeared in a porn video and still has fan following across the globe even after she has said goodbye to the porn world. She was also in the news when she has made many combacks to keep people quiet who has always slammed her on social media. Impressing the queen of pornhub Mia Khalifa is not easy, only if this die hard fan Portugal dude named Alexander Skate had known about it before.
A 23 year old fan went miles to impress the adult star, Mia Khalifa. But little did the poor fan know Mia is not that one who will admire and give lot of gaga, but instead she trolled her loyal fan. The fan who is in the limelight posted a picture of his thigh with a tattoo with a face of Mia Khalifa. The Queen of Pornhub was not moved by his gesture to show his love and the diehard fan he was but was quite angry with the act, calling him ‘an idiot’ to do such a thing.

Making a tattoo of your fav celebrity face on your body is a height of idiocy. This fan of adult film star, Mia Khalifa had a brave heart to get his leg tattooed with a face of Mia Khalifa. While he was waiting to get a compliment from his favorite pornstar, to show his love and the way he admires her.
Everything went opposite of what he thought. Khalifa took to both Instagram and Twitter to thrash this person and also called him an idiot.She was really unhappy about the tattoo her fan had made and. It also shows that it is not at cool to embed anyone’s face on your body part.

Later, she also tweeted making it very clear for her fans that such action showing love towards will not be appreciated.


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