What would you do, if you have a car, which you love, and then one punk trie to mess with your car for no reason? Well, if someone would’ve messed with my car I’d have taught him a good lesson. And this is exactly what an owner of a supercar did when a punk decided to climb on the roof of his car.

The owner of the car taught him a lesson he will never forget. Also, that punk messed with his LAMBORGHINI.

So the guy first steps on the bonnet, and then he proceeded to the roof. He then comes back for seconds. I mean, why would you mess with anyone’s Lamborghini? Was this guy high on something or what? Well, he ended up getting pushed to the ground and punched in the face. The Lamborghini owner knocked him out and that punk fell flat on his face. Dang, that was one helluva punch man!

The Lamborghini Aventador costs up to Rs 5-6 crore. So, all those scratches on the paint will probably cost lakhs to fix tp the car owner. So, the Lamborghini owner’s reaction is quite obvious, right? In fact, many people were actually justifying his reaction. That’s a supercar DUDE. How can you disrespect LAMBORGHINI like that?

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What do you think? Was the reaction of the man justified?

Tell us how you’d have reacted or handled the situation if you were the owner of that Lamborghini.