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Priyanka Jagga’s Brother Sameer Reveals Something Shocking.

From the time Priyanka Jagga has left the show she has become a talk of the town. In the history of…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on December 27, 2016

From the time Priyanka Jagga has left the show she has become a talk of the town. In the history of Bigg Boss show this happened for the first time, Priyanka was asked to leave the shoe by star host Salman Khan. In last weekend ka vaar episode, we saw Salman lost his temper because she abused in the house and misbehaved with Salman khan. All the humanity of Priyanka was crossed so Salman had to throw her out of the house.

After Priyanka came out of the show, she made some shocking revelations about the show on Facebook. Even her brother Sameer Jagga posted on Facebook. As no one liked Priyanka Jagga in the house because of her behavior, she commented on the Facebook post that the show is scripted and the winner is VJ Bani. Her brother Sameer says the show is scripted, her sister was not well then also she was kept inside the house. Sameer Jagga had slammed Salman khan also by saying her sister has become more famous than Salman Khan.

Before 2 3 days, Sameer posted something which gave us hints that Priyanka Jagga was pregnant. He posted something like this” “Unkai Show kai liya apna Bacha maar dai kya. Ab koi bhi jeet jaya BB ki sari TRP hum apnai ghar lai aai ya hi sach hai. Dwa Mai Yaad. Picture Abhi Baki hai mere Dost.” This means she should kill her baby for the show? This statement gives us hint that Priyanka was pregnant. Already she is a mother of two kids and we saw them when they came in the house during “Family App” task.

Sameer Jagga Says Priyanka Got Miscarriage In The House, This Was The Reason She wanted to leave the show.


According to the reports, once again Sameer has made some shocking revelation. Sameer Jagga revealed that his sister Priyanka had a miscarriage when she was inside the BB 10 house. She was not well because of this reason. Because of this reason she wanted to leave the show. And Gynaecologist was also called inside the house because of this.


What do you guys think is this news true or not? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.  And Stay tuned to us for more exclusive updates on Bigg Boss 10!

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