After chatting up with Chelsea Handler, Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres, Indian actress and superstar Priyanka Chopra has made it to the popular American talk show know as ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’. Isn’t it amazing!

The 34-year-old Indian actress, who gained popularity in the United States with her lead role as FBI agent in TV series Quantico, appeared on the ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers‘ on this Wednesday 2 November, 2016. Also Read: Priyanka Chopra warns american talk show host on not to offend Indians

On the Late Night With Seth Meyers‘ show, Priyanka Chopra spoke about her excitement on working on the Baywatch movie with The Rock.  She said, “Baywatch’s a much bigger hit around the world than it was in USA,” when the show host, Meyers called the show ‘campy’.

The actress also did the famous slow motion or slo-mo run that fans across the world associate to the show. Priyanka tweeted about her appearance on the ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’. She mentioned a lot of activity she did on ‘LNWSM’ via Tweets.

Priyanka Chopra Visits On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’, An American Talk Show and here is the video of PC doing slomo walk –