It was the first-weekend ka vaar episode of Bigg Boss Season 11. All the contestants are playing well and are getting into an argument with each other. We saw Vikash Gupta and Aakash Dadlani got into an ugly fight. Vikash Gupta abused Akash after he told him “gay” they had an argument with each other.

Priyank Sharma Gets Thrown Out Of The House

Akash asked Vikas about his sexuality and this created a huge drama in the house. And now we reveal, that Priyank Sharma came in between Vikas and Akash’s fight. Priyank slapped Aakash so hard that he started bleeding. He slapped him not once but twice.

Bigg Boss immediately took an action against Priyank and thrown him out of the house. It seems like Priyank Sharma’s journey is over in Bigg Boss house. We don’t know he will be going out of the house or in the Padosi house. Let us just wait and watch it.

As Priyank Sharma has thrown out of the house, now this news has gone viral on the Internet. On Twitter people have started reacting about Priyank’s exit from the house.

The Twitter users are giving reactions, some are finding the news amusing while few of them are praising it. There are few people who are against it. At the launch of the show only Salman cleared that Physical violence is not allowed inside the house.

Check out some of the tweets made by the people:

Earlier Priyank was seen in Roadies and Splitsvilla. As per the reports, he is the winner of Splitsvilla with her girlfriend Divya Agarwal.  Now, let us see in tonight’s episode is this the elimination or someone else will be eliminated. Five contestants were nominated, Zubair Khan, Arshi Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Jyoti Kumari and Aakash.  Zubair also made headline as he has faked his identity by saying he is the son-in-law of Haseena Parker.

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