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Preity Zinta celeberates Holi and India’s win against Pakistan with Gene Goodenough

Preity Zinta a crazy cricket follower and now a married woman is living every second of this new life with Mr. Goodenough….

By Administrator in Bollywood Featured on March 20, 2016

Preity Zinta a crazy cricket follower and now a married woman is living every second of this new life with Mr. Goodenough. The actress, who shared pictures of her smeared in Holi colours, celebrating India’s success against Pakistan in the T20 match yesterday posted another picture today. But she seems to be dwelling out of the shell now and showing her first pictures to her fans through social networking sites. Preity kept her wedding a low key affair and we did not get to see a single wedding photograph of the actress.

Preity Zinta got married to her long time friend Gene Goodenough earlier this month. It was also reported that Preity and her husband would put their wedding images for auction and would be donating the proceedings generated to charity. The dimpled beauty, who made the announcement on her official social media pages just days after news of her secret wedding here surfaced, held a chat with the twitterati on the micro-blogging website on Sunday where her fans asked her about the new things which are part and parcel of marriage.

Preity was also spotted celeberating Holi after India knocked out Pakistan on Saturday Wold cup T20 match.


While the entire nation celebrated India’s win over Pakistan last night with fire crackers, Bollywood’s bubbly girl Priety Zinta celebrated holi. The actress along with her new husband, Gene Goodenough and friends attended a holi party and celebrated the dual happiness. Actress Preity Zinta has recently entered the marital bliss with husband Gene Goodenough and is celebrating her life with him in Los Angeles. Preity, who is a co-owner of an IPL team is a cricket buff, and when it is an India Pakistan match then nothing can keep her off the screens even if she is far away from her country.

Comment below and share how did you celebrate India’s Win against Pakistan as Preity Zinta did with her husband Gene Goodenough.

Source: Posted on Instagram by Preity Zinta


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