Prachi Desai says Mohammad Azharuddin’s first wife Naureen was difficult to play than second wife Sangeeta Bijlani in ‘Azhar

According to Prachi Desai, the role of Mohammad Azharuddin’s first wife Naureen was more difficult that portraying his second wife Sangeeta Bijlani’s role played by Nargis Fakhri in Emraan Hashmi‘s movie ‘Azhar‘. Prachi said, “We have a lot of actors who play glamorous part but I don’t think there are many who can bring out depth, maturity or variation in their role. I think that I do bring that onscreen to some extent.” former Indian cricket captain Mohammad Azharuddin’s rise and fall as a cricketer, and we even pretty much know about his love affair with former actress Sangeeta Bijlani, but we hardly know anything about Azhar’s first wife Naureen and their chemistry.

While Sangeeta and Azhar’s relationship was much talked and written about in the media, no one knows how close Azhar and Naureen were. But the biopic seems to be presenting Azhar and Naureen’s love story perfectly through the actors Emraan Hashmi and Prachi Desai. And, while Emraan, who is essaying Azharuddin’s character in AZHAR, has perfectly absorbed the nuances, body language and style of the cricketer, he is also recreating the intense love that Azhar-Naureen shared.

Prachi Said, “I think I hit the jackpot as I got the best role in the film. It was a huge challenge for me to play this role because I have never seen her nor read much about her.” The film has been directed by Tony D’Souza. There were reports that Bijlani was not pleased with the making of the movie, which reminds her of the time when she was married to the ex-cricketer.

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