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PornHub trolls AAP minister Sandeep Kumar after sex tape scandal, calls him ‘Our Employee’

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal removed AAP Minister Sandeep Kumar after receiving an CD in which Sandeep Kumar was allegedly seen in a compromising position with two woman. A nine minute long sex tape of AAP minister was apparently sent to the Aam Aadmi Party headquarters. On seeing the CD and party took immediate decision to remove Sandeep Kumar.

The decision to remove Sandeep Kumar was taken at a high-level meeting attended by top AAP leaders and the announcement was made by Arvind Kejriwal himself through a tweet.

Right after Arvind Kejriwal tweeted out the removal of his minister, Pornhub came up to troll Kejriwal and tweeted “We love all our employees including Sandeep Kumar” and gave Twitter users a opportunity to dig up humor in it. The tweet has gone viral with over 17,00 retweets in less than an hour. Pornhub is a pornographical website which largely depends on user uploaded content.

The Pornhub tweet has gone viral and received crazy reactions from Twitterati.

Sandeep Kumar is the second AAP minister to be sacked after Asim Ahmed Khan for allegedly demanding a bribe of Rs 6 lakh from a builder.

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