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Popular Kannada actress Parul Yadav attacked by stray dogs in Mumbai – suffers multiple injuries, surgery Today

On Monday evening, the famous actress of Kannada Parul Yadav was attacked by a six stray dogs. This incident happened in front of her apartment. Near her apartment on Jogeshwari Road, she was walking with her pet in the suburbs of Mumbai. The stray dogs attacked her pet, and she tried to save her pet from the dogs. While she was trying to save her pet, the stray dogs attacked her. The road was crowded where she was attacked, but shockingly no one came to save her.
Parul Yadav has got many wounds on her body, on face, neck, legs. At present, she is at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai and is getting treatment over there. According to the hospital, Parul got a deep cut off 3-inch on her head. This wound on her head need a Minor Surgery, and it will be done today. Parul’s sister Sheetal said to Newsable, “Although her wounds are being nursed, the doctors treating her have said she might require surgery”. She added, “She is in Shock.”
The actress Parul Yadav stays in Mumbai. Parul started her career in the acting industry from Tamil and Malayalam. Then later she debuted in Kannada with Pawan Wadeyar’s Govindaya Namaha. Then she followed and did movies like Bachchan, Uppi2, Vaastu  Prakara, and Killing  Veerappan. With these movies, she has built an impressive track record.

Here is the Video of Parul Yadav Attacked by stray dogs –

Now the actress is all set to do a remake of Kangana Ranaut’s Queen which will be in Kannada.

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