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Poonam Pandey shares a Semi Nude Selfie of her on Twitter After India VS Bangladesh Match!

Poonam Pandey who was in the limelight earlier in 2011 for doing a strip show for India’s win the World Cup is back again. After the victory of Indian cricket team against Bangladesh in World Cup Twenty20 on Wednesday, Pandey has shared yet another almost nude picture of herself on her Twitter account.


While fans across the country chose to congratulate in many different ways, here’s Poonam Pandey doing it in her own signature style.


Poonam Pandey is popularly known for her remark made way back during India’ victorious campaign in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. The former Kingfisher model had then said that she’ll strip naked in the stadium if India won the Cricket World Cup 2011. It has been five years since the failed actress first came into limelight, but sadly for her, nothing has changed. Poonam Pandey remains where she is stripping on Twitter.

Poonam Pandey is in a close competition with her Pakistani competitor Qandeel Baloch And Arshi Khan. Qandeel promised to perform a strip dance if Pakistan defeats India in ICC World T20 face off but then India won the match.

Image Source: kawkaw.in


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