Political Science Topper Of Bihar Ruby Ray Says, Her Subjects Are All About Cooking!

Ruby Ray toppers of Bihar School Examination Board intermediate exam thinks that the subject of Political Science is about one’s cooking skills. Bihar education has been exposed by the arts topper Ruby Ray, who told India Today, “Political Science is a subject that talked about the preparation of food.”  The girl could not even pronounce the name of the subject, ‘Political Science’, properly as she calls it  ‘Prodigal Science’.

Exams in Bihar have made headlines multiple times thanks to allegations of rampant cheating. There have been plenty of reports in the news about alleged cases of rampant cheating particularly in the state of Bihar. This has led the authorities to clamp down on wrongdoing during exams that perhaps resulted in less than 50 per cent of students clearing the class 10th board exams this year.

A video posted by India Today shows that the girl, despite scoring the highest marks in the state, was clueless about what the subject was about. In fact, she thought it was about cooking!

Bihar Political Science topper Ruby Ray, who scored 444 out of 500 was completely clueless when she was asked what political science was all about, she said that it deals with one’s cooking skills and pronounced the name of the subject as ‘Prodigal Science’.

Embarrassed by the alleged academic incompetence of its state-level toppers, the Bihar School Examination Board has ordered an investigation. According to Times of India, the authorities have asked the students to appear for an interview and once again take a small examination related to their subject, in spite of the fact that their results have been declared on May 29.

Bihar educational system is once again making waves, and one knowing it before will be sure that it would be in the news for all the negatives. Previously, the photos and videos emerged back in 2015 told the rampant cheating during the board exams,and none other than parents were also involved in helping their child to earn grades even by cheating in the examinations. The video at that time made headlines and was even covered by International media.

Ruby Ray who has also topped in the subject of chemistry incorrectly answered when asked a basic question about the subject.

Image Source: deccanchronicle.com

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