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PM Modi Greets To Congress President Sonia Gandhi On Her 70th Birthday.

The president of Congress Sonia Gandhi is having her 70th birthday today. After the rivalry between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi, still, our the Prime Minister of India extended his wishes to the Congress Leader Smt. Sonia Gandhi.

Modi wished her a long life with good health and tweeted on his official twitter account, “Birthday wishes to Smt. Sonia Gandhi. May Almighty bless her with a long life filled with good health”. Besides Narendra Modi, many other political leaders have also wished the Congress leader on her birthday. Ex-Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh came to her house and wished Sonia Gandhi on her birthday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wished Sonia Gandhi On Her 70th Birthday

Sonia Gandhi was born on 9th December 1946 in Italy. She has been serving for Congress since 1998. Sonia Gandhi was not seen in the Parliment house for a few days as she had some health issues.Sonia Gandhi has been the longest Congress leader in the history as she has served Congress for 125 years.

The Prime Minister’s birthday wishes to Gandhi came even as her party has mounted an intense attack on him over demonetisation issue. The congress has been leading an attack on the government. After this attack, PM Modi wished Sonia Gandhi on her birthday.

On Thursday, Rahul Gandhi and Vice president of Congress dubbed Paytm as “Pay To Modi” and targeted Modi and described demonetisation as “foolish decision”.

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