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Piyush Goal From Delhi Is Making Business By Letting People Send Their Messages On A POTATO!

Potatoes are loved by everyone in the whole world. As it makes great food and most of the peoples have…

By Administrator in Viral on February 12, 2017

Potatoes are loved by everyone in the whole world. As it makes great food and most of the peoples have French Fries in their meal. Now Potato has become the messenger for most of the people to send their messages to their loved ones.
A guy from Delhi, Piyush Goal a Businessman, he allows people to send their messages to your friends and family across the country. In Olden days they used pigeons, postcards, letters, emails, to send messages but have anyone tried to send their message on a Potato?

Piyush Goal has a website, SurprisePotato, which allows everyone to send a message on the potato to anybody in the whole country. The price starts from Rs. 129 to send your message. Yes, it is true a real potato which will now deliver your message.
Piyush told to Buzzfeed, “This one time, I was talking to someone over the phone in the kitchen and wanted to note down a number. Luckily, I had a marker in my pocket and a potato on the shelf. When I had to pass on the number, I just threw the potato across the room. ”
To write a message, they use big potatoes. You can send your message of 130 characters and you can even send your photo or their. Goyal said, “Post that, they need to be washed and dried with a hair dryer for a permanent marker to do its jazz.”

Goyal told to Buzzfeed, they had got some funny messages to put on the potato and the message was,‘Kiss me hard and peel me with your bare hands’ and another funny one was, ‘I will mash this potato into you if you don’t return my calls.”

You can place your order on the website and let your loved ones have a smile on their face.
Buzzfeed asked him why Potatoes are a better way to pass the messages; he said, “There’s something awkwardly hysterical about a potato that you just can’t explain. It’s so random and abrupt in its shape that the internet loves it, and so do we.”
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