Pigeons Make Chennai Airport Runway Their Playground!

A number of pigeons have been swarming the Chennai airport premises for the last three days, prompting the authorities today to rope in a nomadic community to shoo them away. Efforts by the airport personnel to shoo them away have failed as the birds come back again and again, giving troubled moments to the authorities. As many birds were spotted around the runway on Wednesday, authorities requisitioned the services of Narikorava community, who are well versed in shooing them away using traditional techniques.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has roped in Narikuravas, or the local gypsy community, to catch the birds at the terminals.

AAI official said, “There are a few of them quietly working inside the terminals for about a week now. They attract the pigeons with some grains and once they come down, the birds are trapped in a net, He said they had managed to catch quite a few pigeons over the past week. “This may continue for a while as we want to solve the problem as soon as possible,” he added.

The work has been awarded to a contractor, who hires gypsies and casual workers and we know that the killing of birds is a crime. Local foresters following the media goof up were alerted to check whether gypsies were shooting birds outside the airport premises near Pallavaram area. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in its recent report on Chennai airport has declared that city airport continues to face the threat of birds hitting the aircraft as nearby local bodies fail to separate waste inviting small birds and raptors to feed on.

Efforts by the Chennai airport personnel to pigeons away have failed as the birds come back again and again.

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