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Picture of BANI J kissing SAPNA BHAVNANI is going super viral on the Internet!

Ex-Bigg Boss contestants Bani J and Sapna Bhavnani have been friends for a long time, and also their social channels are full of their pictures from the concerts, chilling with friends portraying an incredible friendship bond between the both. But recently, Bani J and Sapna Bhavnani shared pictures of then kiss each other right next to the beach.
Sapna uploaded the picture on her Instagram account and the picture has become the talk of the town ever since. Sapna captioned it as, “You are my Sunshine Bani.” The boomerang video doesn’t really show them locking lips and also it looks like they are just pretending to kiss.
Bani kissing Sapna
The picture is a screenshot from a Boomerang video story which has an auto-delete option. The boomerang was shared by Bani on her Instagram, the video shows both girls being just an inch apart, and it looks like they are kissing each other, but after having a closer look, you will realize that the two are just fooling around.
Sapna had earlier also mentioned to media about being bisexual, and Bani is said to be dating television actor Yuvraj Thakur, who was on a show on MTV. Now, this picture of Bani J kissing Sapna Bhavnani is taking the internet by the storm.

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