Wrestling is a sport where winning means beating others and getting beaten yourself. Boxing and wrestling are one of the dangerous sports where human stamina and power is made use to beat the other person down, and we can say Wrestlers are made up of steel.

We are sure you might have noticed the wrestlers imperfect ears, almost all the boxers and Wrestlers have weird ears. There is some extra skin which covers their ears and this happens because they are repeatedly injured in their match. Do you ever wonder why they have round and puffy ears?

This particular condition of the ear is called ‘Cauliflower ear’

This condition is caused by the fight between wrestlers on the mat. Because of which their blood gets a clot and block the flow of blood and nutrients. Till the time the injury heals the ear wrinkle’s up and gets a fold. It looks like a cauliflower so it is termed as cauliflower ear.

A Cauliflower ear also occurs in non-athletes. It is common among the boxers, wrestlers, martial artists and even rugby players, many of who even consider it to be a badge of courage or experience.

To get healed, wrestlers and other athletes wear a headgear which is called the ‘scrum cap.’ If the ear is not treated for a long time, then the condition will remain same. Everything is applied on the injury.

So now, you all know about Cauliflower ears.