Our Life is not predictable, what will happen in next minute we don’t know. Same thing happens in the Cricket. There are few of the cricket players who had followed some other profession before becoming a cricketer. There are luck factors in cricket also. And these are the players who did not dream of becoming a cricketer on the high level. They were living their simple life with their own professions just like a normal people. So let us talk about few of the international cricketers who did some other work before entering into sports.

Here is the list of International cricketers which had their past in some or the other professions.

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni- Ticket Collector

The former captain of Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was a Ticket collector or a TTE. Before he decided to become a cricketer he did a job of TTE  at Kharagpur railway station. In his school days, he also played football. Even a movie has been released which showed the whole journey of MS Dhoni. The movie was hit at the box office. Sushant Singh Rajput played a role of MS Dhoni in the movie.

2. Brad Hodge- Petrol Pump employee

Brad Hodge is an Australian player. He is highly regarded for his performance in one-day matches as he scored the highest number of centuries. Before becoming the best batsman, Brad Hodge was an employee at Petrol Pump. In an IPL season, he was a coach of the Gujarat Lions. He would have never imagined that he will become the most successful batsman.

3. Shane Bond – Policeman

Shane Bond is one of the fastest and legendary bowlers of all time. Bond is the former fast bowler of New Zealand. Even now he is considered as one of the fastest bowlers of all time. Earlier, Shane Bond was a Police Officer employee at Christchurch Police station.

4. Nathan Lyon- Ground Staff

Nathan Lyon started his career as an Off Spiner. He holds the record for the most wickets in test cricket. From his childhood days, he was in love with cricket. His past profession before entering into the sport was a Ground Staff at Adelaide. He used to take care of the ground by driving roller on the pitch, covering ground and much more

5. Mohammed Tauqir – Banker

Mohammed Tauqir used to work as a banker when he was not playing cricket. He is a UAE player and he also represented UAE.

6. AB De Villiers

Well. we don’t need to introduce this man as AB De Villiers is a multi talented guy. He received a medal for a science project. AB De Villiers is a national swimming champion. He has played various games like hockey, badminton etc.