No matter how much kids of this generation trolls Bobby Deol, but there used to be a time when he used to be the chocolate boy of B-town. Back in the 90’s and the in early 2000, he was the heart throb of Bollywood. His way of acting and dancing were up to the mark. People loved him. Well, they still do.

He did movies like “Bicchoo”, where he portrayed the role of an assassin killer, and “Gupt” and so many more amazing movie which we can never forget. But after 2000, he made some poor choices of films and since then his career graph went down.

These reviews by his fans will make your day!

For the 90s kids, he was a legend and he always will be. But ever since his career graph went down, it has been tough for the fans to keep track of him. Well, this new parody page has got your back here. The page is all kinds of brilliant. The page’s name is, ‘Daily Updates on Bobby Deol’s Acting Career’.

And finally, the page tells us about Bobby Deol’s current acting career and his plans. LOL.