Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput married each other last year, Since then, there have reports about Mira entering into Bollywood. Shahid’s spokesperson even had to refuse reports that Rajput would do a cameo in the film AK vs SK in September. Shahid Kapoor had later denied all the news and had said, “I am loving all the stuff that I have been reading everywhere.”I won’t tell you what’s true and what’s not. Aap log socho. Mira is my wife, she is not an actress.” But now Shahid’s father Pankaj Kapoor has opened up on the rumors of her acting debut and has said that he will support her choice regardless of what she opts for.

Pankaj Kapur said:

“It is her life. She can do what she wants to do. Why should I have anything to do with that? It is between her and her husband. She is a child to me. Why would I have any objections? For me, she can do what she wants to do and I am there to support.”

Pankaj Kapur also confessed that the mention of the word daughter-in-law makes him uncomfortable. Pankaj added “My children can do what they want to do. When it comes to this whole category of daughter-in-law, I get a little uncomfortable as I treat her like my daughter.”

Lets see if Mira Rajput makes her come in the Bollywood. We are super Excited to see her in Movies!

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