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Pakistan Censor Board Orders 100 Cuts From Udta Punjab For Release In The Country.

The Pakistan censor board on wednesday gave the green signal to the release of movie Udta Punjab here after suggesting more than “100 cuts” to remove “objectionable and anti-Pakistan” content from the film.

Pakistan CBFC comes down hard on Abhishek Chaubey Udta Punjab, order 100 cuts.

Source: koimoi.com

The movie has been granted ‘A’ rating by the Full Board of CBFC (Central Board of Film Censors),” Mubashir Hasan, chairperson, CBFC, told a news portal from Islamabad in response to queries through social media.

Earlier, the five-member panel of Pakistan’s censor board declined to pass Udta Punjab for screening in the country, citing objectionable content  but Mubashir Hasan said they later decided to give it conditional approval.

“We had not banned this movie. On the appeal of the distributor the full board sat together today and gave conditional approval for its screening here.”

Mubashir Hasan said, “We have cut all derogatory and offensive words/dialogues and anti-Pakistan content. More than 100 cuts, mutes, beeps have been suggested to the film’s distributor. Once he completes the editing as per the requirement of the board, it will again be presented for final approval.”

The producers of Udta Punjab have not made any statement so far about the cuts demanded of their film in Pakistan. Here, help for the filmmakers came in the form of the Bombay High Court ruling that directed the CBFC to pass Udta Punjab with an ‘A’ certificate with just one cut. It seems unlikely that there will be a similar reprieve for their film in Pakistan.

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