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Over 1.5 Million Indians Already Use Google’s Free Wi-Fi Across 19 Train Stations, Google Says In A Survey!

Google has announced that 1.5 million people are using its free WiFi services, installed in 19 railway stations around India.Google and RailTel are targeting close to 100 stations under the free WiFi scheme for 2016. Google celebrate the inaugural World Wi-Fi Day by The Wireless Broadband Alliance, Google released a blog post revealing the progress of its wifi project in India, launched at the start of 2016.

Google has revealed that close to 1.5 million people are using free WiFi at 19 railway stations in India.


In a blogpost, Google wrote, “Last week we rolled out the network at four of India’s largest stations – Sealdah, Lucknow Jn, Lucknow and Gorakhpur Jn and we are delighted to share that 1.5 million Indians are now enjoying the high-speed broadband experience across 19 stations.”

The primary usage for Google’s free WiFi is broadcast, followed by online job search. Google reveals in Bhubaneswar and Pune students come to the stations to look for up information related to educational courses, exam results, downloading software and upgrading their phone apps.

Google’s first launched the free WiFi scheme at Mumbai Central. At the end of 2016, Google will evaluate the project to see how it will expand the free Wi-Fi scheme further.

With this project, Google wants to create abundant broadband access to millions of Indians who are either currently not online or are using it in limited capacity. The company said while they are only at approximately 20 per cent of the roll-out schedule for this year, the response has been phenomenal.

The Indian railway wifi is much faster than the 3G internet that is most widely used in India. On an average, users of free wifi in Indian trains utilize 15 times more data than they would consume on 3G in a day. Despite being limited to one hour of use per person per day and being in transit.

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