Being a celebrity has its own set of pros and cons. While it’s delightful to get clicked with your fans in any promotional events or award functions, you definitely don’t expect the same gesture in the times of distress. Neha Dhupia, an established actress of Bollywood had to face a similar instance when the actress’s car got crashed with another car. Instead of helping the lady out, onlookers gathered around her to take selfies, pictures and some even asked for an autograph! Yes, you read it correctly. This news has totally left us stupefied and the words like humanity have lost its meaning.


According to the news sources, Neha Dhupia was in Chandigarh for a promotional event and after finishing her work the actress was on her way to the airport to catch a flight back to Mumbai. On the way, Neha’s car met with an accident when the car got rammed into another car as they were speeding to reach the airport in time. Thankfully neither Neha nor any of her team/crew members were seriously hurt.

The actress suffered from slight shoulder pain but she was more traumatized not with the accident but due to the reaction of the onlookers who witnessed this incident. What shocked Neha more was that instead of helping her and others in the car to safely get out, people were busy clicking pictures or taking a selfie with the injured actress in the background.

Some of the dumb onlookers even asked Neha Dhupia to sign an autograph and we were completely dazed hearing this news.

After the accident, the traffic came to a standstill for more than an hour. A close source confirmed in an interview to Indian Express that “Neha’s car met with an accident while she was returning to the airport after her promotional event Nofilter Neha got over. A car rammed into hers from behind and the impact has left slight shoulder pain.

There was no major injury involved although the back window was broken. The onlookers behaved in an insensitive manner when instead of helping the actress they were happily clicking pictures and taking selfies.”


It is shocking to see how people behave. They forget that celebrities are also like other humans and it hurts them to see their fans behave in such inhuman manner. Neha’s fan sidelined the fact that the actress could be in a state of shock and we hope that they at-least asked her consent before taking the selfie. Being a celebrity Neha in spite of being in shock had to smile and pose for her fans.

Neha, the TYM team wishes you a speedy recovery!