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OMG! Swami Om Ji Shattered Into Tears During The Nominations Because Of Manu And Manveer.

The most popular TV show Bigg Boss Season 10 is different, as we all know. Om Swami from team India-wale is the contestant who makes Salman laugh every time when he comes on the show. Even on this Saturday when he came we saw how Salman was laughing. It’s funny, but wait, What is this? Swami ji cried on National Television? Why? What made him to do this?

It seems the housemates are not happy with Swami Om Ji‘s behaviour but we can say that Audience are getting good dose of laughter. India wale thinks that Swami Ji is not doing well in the tasks and they don’t trust him. In yesterday’s episode also during nominations also Swami Ji cried and took Manu and Manveer’s name and said they are not behaving well with him and he is not here to get insulted.

In last weeks episode also we also saw fights and arguments between Om Swami and Manveer. We all see every time Swami ji says that he don’t like to be rude with people, he even told he doesn’t want to do anything with his own team. In the confession room also, at the time of Nominations Swami Ji shattered into tears due to the rude behaviour of Manu and Manveer.

In the first week itself he had a fight with Lopamudra Raut and also had an argument with her in this week. Its hard to tell that how long will Swamiji survive in the Bigg Boss 10 house, after seeing fights in their own team India wale. Before also we saw how Manveer and Swami ji fights in the house.

Let’s watch how long Will Swami survive in the house. In first elimination Priyanka Jagga was out, in second Akansha Sharma and in next week who will be out from these Swami ji, Monalisa, Manu, Manveer, Bani, Nitibha, LopaMudra.

During The Time Of Nominations Swami Omji broke down into tears because of Manu & Manveer.

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