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OMG! Swami Ji Has Crossed All His Limits In BB 10 House. He Touches Lopamudra In Improper Way. It’s Disgusting!

The contestant from Bigg Boss 10 house Swami Ji is just… we can’t say anything about him. Swami Ji has…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on December 21, 2016

The contestant from Bigg Boss 10 house Swami Ji is just… we can’t say anything about him. Swami Ji has grabbed all the attention of viewers by his shocking behavior with all the housemates in the house. Always he creates drama and it ends into a big fight. In last night’s episode, we saw how he created drama in the house while the Luxury Budget task was going. Swami snatched the letter from Rohan and then the fight starts. Rohan took it normally but then Swami crossed his limits by telling him that he will ruin Rohan’s face so that he will never get work in his life. Then Swami broke the bathroom door as Rohan went inside the bathroom.

All these things Swami did it on just one task. When he was breaking the bathroom door Lopa was there, Swami even passed some disgusting comments on Lopamudra and her family. All the housemates were shocked by seeing Swami’s behavior, Manu went out of control and headed to hit Swami with the table but all contestants stopped him.

In a recent incident that happened in Bigg Boss house, Swami Pulls Lopa’s Dress Up.

While the ‘BB Hostel’ task was going on Swami did something shocking by which all the housemates went against him.Swami Ji touched Lopamudra in a bad way. It’s just disgusting, How is Swami.

Swami pulled Lopa’s dress up, there was a big fight because of this cheap thing was done by so called Swami Ji. After he did this Swami tries to prove him right by saying why she wear a short dress. Gaurav did not like this and got angry on Swami and tells him can’t he be careful about it. Swami again tries to prove him by saying that he did not touch lopamudra purposely, lopamudra was only pushing him.

Then, at last, he crossed all the limits by saying that she was rubbing herself on him. This is really very shocking. By this behavior of Swami, Lopa was so upset and abused him and tells him he is not allowed to touch any women.

Now this is shocking for all of us. Swami should be thrown out of the house. What do you guys think about his cheap behaviour over Lopa? Must share your opinion with us by commenting below.

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