The TV reality show Splitsvilla X is making lot buzz for its tasks. Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singh are the hosts of the show. The aim of the show is to let the youngsters get their perfect match.

The 10th season of Splitsvilla started in July and now fans are eager to know who is the winner. Finally, the finale is near and we are excited to know who wins the show. Earlier there were rumors that Divya Agarwal and Priyank Sharma has won the show. But now, reports are different. It’s not Priyank and Divya, there is another couple who will win Spiltsvilla 10.

Priyank & Divya Are Not The Winner It’s Baseer  Ali And Naina

As per the latest reports, Priyank and Divya are the “Runner-ups” not the Winners. According to the reports on Tellychakkar, the couple who won the show is Priyank’s best friend Baseer Ali and Naina. Yes, it’s Baseer Ali and Naina who has won Spiltsvilla 10. Baseer- Naina and Priyank- Divya will compete for each other in Grand Finale.

Finally, Baseer and Naina have beat other couple and won the title.

You might be thinking that how can non ideal match Baseer- Naina and Priyank- Divya reached till the finale. As per the Oracle, both the couples are non-ideal matches. However, Priyank’s ideal match is Nibedita but we don’t know who is Baseer’s ideal Match. Let us wait for the twist which will help both the couples to reach till the finale. At the end, Baseer and Naina will win the show.

We all know, Baseer reached the finale of Roadies but didn’t  win the show. This time he is lucky and his dream has come true. Priyank and Divya’s fans will be shocked after seeing this news but Baseer and Naina’s fans will be so happy. On the other side, Baseer and Naina are enjoying their win and are getting support from their fans.

CONGRATULATIONS Baseer Ali and his connection Naina.

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