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OMG! Baba Ramdev defeats olympic silver medalist 'Andrey Stadnik' in an Exhibition Wrestling Match

Baba Ramdev defeated the Olympic silver medalist Andrey Standik in an Exhibition Wrestling match in Pro Wrestling Season 2 on Wednesday. YES! you read that absolutely right. Baba Ramdev started off the match with a 4-pointer and went on to have a lead of 12-0 by the end. Andrey didn’t purposely tried to match Ramdev Baba’s flexibility and quickness and lost his points really quickly since he knew he wasn’t wrestling someone who is more used to it.

Ramdev Baba started off with performing Surya Namaskara and the commentators saying “Baba Ramdev has been disqualified for not wearing the correct uniform”.

Provided this was an exhibition match, Andrey never did try to score points against Ramdev. He only once tried to move out of a hold which drew a huge cheer from the crowd. This was not a typical wrestling match but Baba Ramdev sure displayed his amazing wrestling moves and yoga techniques in front of the Crowd. The match ended at a Positive note with both the competitors shaking hands and exchanging pleasant thoughts.
OMG! Baba Ramdev defeats olympic silver medalist 'Andrey Stadnik' in an Exhibition Wrestling Match 1
Baba Ramdev’s and Stadnik’s wrestling was scheduled after Pankaj Rana and Pritam’s bout, which the Punjab wrestler Pankaj won the match on points difference and helped his side make it into the final for the first time.

After ending the bout, Ramdev Baba chanted, “Bharat mata ki jai! Vande Matram!”

Later Ramdev Baba added that wrestling will excel in the upcoming years and will become one of the most followed sports in the world. And this isn’t the first time when Ramdev Baba challenged a wrestler. He also challenged Sushil Kumar back in 2016. Well after watching this fight, one thing is certain, “Yoga se Hoga”. Bother Watching the Video? Watch it below and do let us know about your Opinions in the comment section.

Baba Ramdev defeated Beijing Olympic silver medallist Andrey Stadnik by 12-0 in a friendly match. Andrey Stadnik had defeated wrestler Sushil Kumar in Beijing.

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