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OMG! Akshay Kumar’s martial arts session with new Indian Police services officer recruits!

Akshay Kumar took the day off from his busy schedule to have fun combat and sports with with new Indian…

By Administrator in Bollywood on April 27, 2016

Akshay Kumar took the day off from his busy schedule to have fun combat and sports with with new Indian Police services officer recruits. We all know that Akshay has been a proponent of martial arts, having openly spoken about the need for self-defense and training. He has reportedly been part of training sessions for women and we think he knows how to maintain his on-screen and off-screen person as the ‘action-hero’. Bollywood action maestro Akshay Kumar has been known for his kickass action sequences and stunts in movies that he chooses to do himself. His martial art background is very much evident to one and all.

From martial arts sessions to playing volleyball and interacting with them, he had the best time on his day off from work. He also shared a video of him indulging in martial arts along with an IPS officer as his opponent. With a smile on his face, the actor shows tricks and his moves of the special training he has received, while the rest of the recruits stand and watch him.

Akshay has received special training in Martial arts. He was in eight standard when he started practicing karate. Staying fit with the help of his special diet he has always been in shape because of kickboxing, basketball, swimming and Parkour.

The Khiladi took to his Twitter page to share a small video, in which he is seen sparring with a couple of IPS recruits and we must say that the actor impressed us with his quick reflexes and his energy levels. Akki also wrote, ”Spent my day off in Hyderabad with the new IPS officer recruits.Fun interaction,volleyball & a combat ends the day!”

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