Akshay Kumar fan, who was trying to take a picture with akshay, was punched in his head by akshay’s bodyguard. The bodyguard has been working with Akshay for several years. In 2014, Akshay’s bodyguard had slapped a dentist after he tried to come close to the actor during a film shoot outside a residential building in Malad. The doctor then called the police control room, who took both of them to the police station. The bodyguard was allowed to go after a strict warning.

Akshay Kumar has apologised in a post on Twitter on April 29 after his bodyguard punched a fan of the actor, who was trying to take a selfie with him at the Mumbai airport on Thursday. On Twitter, Akshay wrote that the incident was “uncalled for” and that he has taken strict measures against the bodyguard in concern.Akshay who has been trending on Twitter on Saturday with the tag ‘We Love Akshay Kumar,’ also wrote that such unfortunate incidents are “always upsetting.”

Akki took to twitter to say sorry. He also mentioned that he was unaware of the incident as it happened behind his back. Kumar also reprimanded his bodyguard to ensure such a scenario is not repeated in future.

But many days before this unfortunate incident Akshay had rescued a fan. A video shows a fan was trying to capture Kumar while the star walked out the airport. While keeping pace with Akki, the said fan lost his balance and tripped over. Akshay Quickly came to his rescue and extended his arm to offer help. His sweet and prompt gesture is there for all to see! Do take a look!

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