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Om Puri praises PM Narendra Modi, Says We Don’t Have Any Choice Other Than Modi!

Bollywood actor Om Puri declared pragmatic support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, reasoning that there were no other options available. Om Puri was in Delhi on Wednesday for the promotion of his upcoming film, ‘Project Marathwada.’ In the film, which deals with the issue of suicide of farmers in India, the actor plays a distressed farmer.

Om Puri addressed a press conference on June 1 in Delhi, When asked for his opinion on Narendra Modi, the actor had this to say. “Abhi dekhiye humare paas to koi choice hai nahi, sivay Modi ji ki godi mein baithne ke. Baaki godiyan humne dekh li hain.” Om Puri clarified that there was no other choice left rather than supporting ‘Modi ji’. The country had witnessed other governments’ and this one seemed better than the previous ones.

Taking a pot shot at Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Om Puri said, “Sonia Gandhi thinks of making her son the Prime Minister. Look at his age, his experience, see what he says. Are we fools? Pranab Mukherjee is very much experienced and very learned statesman and he has been in the Congress for so long. In order to make your son the prime minister, you made him the President.”

Om Puri has expressed apprehensions about Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s leadership. Om Puri said if Rahul became the Congress president, then Indians would be left with no choice but to vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the next election as well. “We don’t have any choice left other than sitting in Modiji’s lap. Sonia Gandhi thinks of making her son the prime minister. Look at his (Rahul) age, his experience, see what he says. Are we fools?” Om Puri said.

Om Puri praises PM Narendra Modi and blasts Sonia Gandhi for pushing Rahul Gandhi as PM.

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