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Om Puri Accused Of Insulting Indian Army, Says Ban On Pakistani Artists Wont Change The Situation

We all know that Pakistani artists are banned from India after the Uri attacks. This is in the news from…

By Administrator in News on October 5, 2016

We all know that Pakistani artists are banned from India after the Uri attacks. This is in the news from a week or more. All celebrities are giving their opinion regarding this. Even Salman talked about Ban of Pakistani actors but Abhijeet slammed him on twitter. But here is another Bollywood celebrity, Om Puri who is taking Pakistani actors side and in a recent interview said that if they leave India then situations still won’t be changed.

Om puri and Nagesh Kukunoor are in support of Pakistani artists. They said politics should be separate and art should be separate. Om puri says, Pakistani actors are working here legally and if they are send back then there will be a huge loss to the producers who have signed them for their movies. The actors have not come here through any illegal way. They have valid visa and work permits and it’s us who give them opportunity to work with us”

Further Om says that it is the government who decides so when they are taking action we should be quite. If Pakistani artists are send back then nothing will be change so let them stay here. In addition to this statement, Puri suggested that India should prepare 15-20 suicide bombers and send them to Pakistan.

Puri was a part of a television debate show about the ban on Pakistani artistes from working in Indian projects. During the debate, Om Puri said “Who had asked the soldiers to join the army? Who told them to pick the weapons? Do you want India and Pakistan rivalry to turn like Israel and Palestine, and fight for ages? India is home to crores of Muslims, there is no point in proving them for war. Several Indians have their relatives staying across the border and vice-versa, how can they fight a war with their cross-border families?”

After this debate, Indians and Indian celebrities were seen criticizing the actor for being so immature and showing insensitivity towards the Indian soldiers. A request to lodge a FIR against the actor has also surfaced and sedition case has been filed against Om Puri for his comments on Indian soldiers at the Andheri Police Station in Mumbai by a person named Prithvi Maske.

From the time Uri attack has took place and IMPPA had passed that Pakistani actors should be banned Bollywood has divided into two parts. Some celebrities are in support of Pakistani actors while some are not.

Om Puri has been very insensitive towards the soldiers who lost their lives for the country in URI Terrorist Attack.


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