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Ola cab charged this guy Rs 80,000/- for Mumbai-Pune ride. No, it wasn’t for an Ola Jet.

A businessman from Ghatkopar, Mumbai was in shock when on Sunday after he booked an Ola cab for a trip…

By Administrator in Viral on September 7, 2016

A businessman from Ghatkopar, Mumbai was in shock when on Sunday after he booked an Ola cab for a trip to Pune to attend a wedding he was charged a fare of Rs 83,000 for full Mumbai-Pune trip. As the invoice said Kamal Bhatia was charged a base fare of Rs 2,750 for 250 kilometer and Rs 75,262 for an additional 6842 kilometer. The taxes charged were Rs 5,382.64.

Kamal Bhatia, who lives on Ram Narayan Narkar Marg in Pantnagar, reserved a cab on 4th September to go to Pune for a marriage. Bhatia left home along with his spouse and their 2 daughters at 6.30 am and came back to Mumbai at around 9.25 pm.

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While speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Kamal Bhatia explained how shocked he was after seeing the bill. [mks_highlight color=”#eeee22″]”We were there at the wedding through the day and started for Mumbai in the evening. We reached our place at 9.25 pm. When the driver stoped the trip, I received a soft copy of the bill. I went numb for a moment as it showed the amount as Rs 83,395.”[/mks_highlight]

[mks_highlight color=”#eeee22″]”I had never imagined that I would be a victim of such a hefty bill. Even if I traveled by plane to Pune, it would not have cost so much. It is common logic that a car cannot cover 7,000 km in 14 hours. “The coordinator agreed there was an error. Finally, I was charged for 347 km. I paid them Rs 4,088 and gave Rs 100 to the driver as tip.”[/mks_highlight]

Fortunately, the driver also realized that the amount was too high for a 14 hour journey and called the Ola call center to re-check the bill. After talking to a co-ordinator over the phone for a few minutes, the customer service guy from the company issued a new invoice which showed 347 km as the traveled distance and total payable amount of Rs 4,088. The entire fare was waived off, possibly to avoid any legal repercussions. Meanwhile, Ola has not publicly acknowledged the issue.

The bill was a clear case of software error and was later rectified by OLA. Just let Kamal Bhatia thinking if he had been to the moon and back.

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