Arvind Kejriwal beams on television ad announcing the return of Odd-Even car rationing scheme from April 15, his party colleagues feel more at ease this time around. When the scheme was first discussed last December and thereafter implemented for 15 days from January 1, opinion was sharply divided over the political implications of a scheme that was most likely to inconvenience the car owing section of the city.

Under the odd-even scheme, four-wheelers with odd registration numbers will ply on odd dates and those with even numbers on even dates.

As the Kejriwal government started mulling an encore, it went out to gather exhaustive feedback online and through public meetings with party MLAs in every constituency. The opinion poll was heavily in favour of the scheme with 84 per cent of the respondents calling for another round ‘as soon as possible.’ The respondents cited decongested roads and improving air quality as their top reasons for backing the scheme.

AAP government has advised students to take help of ‘PoochhO Carpool’ app. No solution has been found by Kejriwal government to the problem of cars going to pick up children after school hours during the odd-even scheme. The Delhi CM has requested Delhiites to share their with neighbours.

According to a study conducted by Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), there was a significant dip in traffic volume. The overall traffic volume saw a dip of 19.4% on odd days and 16.6% on even days on the Delhi-Mathura Road during the course of the study.

Many countries have tried to implement odd-even in various cities but they failed. But in Delhi it has become a huge success.

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