Do you remember the iconic scene from “3 Idiots” in which Aamir Khan delivered a baby with the help of his friends? The same way was done at the private hospital at Odisha. In the movie, Aamir was successful in delivering the baby but in reality, the nurses failed and the woman lost her baby.

This shocking incident took place on 3rd October in Sai Hospital in Kendrapada. A woman named Aarti Samal was admitted to the hospital and Dr. Rashmikant Patra was handling her case. But at the time she has admitted the doctor was not present in the hospital.

All is not well Nurses Attempted Delivery Like In 3 Idiots Woman Lost Her Baby

As the doctor was not present, Nurses of the hospital tried to deliver the baby while talking on the phone with the Dr. Rashmikant Patra. At the time they tried to carry out the surgery they got horrible results. The women lost her baby and her uterus was also damaged after doing a cesarean.

Aarti Samal’s husband Kalpatru Samal took the newborn’s body to his hometown Kendrapada. He lodged a case against Dr. Rashmikant Patra at the Kendrapada police station. Kalpatru Samal also revealed how the tragedy happened. His words,“When we contacted Dr. Rashmikant Patra, he asked us to get her admitted to the hospital.

He informed us that he is not present in the hospital but will coordinate with the nurses for proper care once we get her admitted to the hospital.

He did not arrive even when the condition of my wife got critical. I don’t know who did it but my wife was operated upon and we lost our first baby. My wife’s uterus is also damaged. The nurses said that they had coordinated with the doctor over the phone and had given their 100 percent. It is only because of their negligence of the hospital authority.”

The police have started an investigation and have registered a case of negligence against the concerned doctor. They will ask a team of doctors to see the damaged caused and the actual reason of the baby’s death.

Such an irresponsible nurses. Strict action must be taken against all of them.