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Now who will Maywanti point when her brother earned Rs 1300 crore when she was a CM.

Anand Kumar may not be known has by his name but when we say CM Mayawati’s brother he becomes an…

By Administrator in News on January 11, 2017

Anand Kumar may not be known has by his name but when we say CM Mayawati’s brother he becomes an important person. That’s what become a problem for Mayawati this time. List of  Top industrialist may not have his name recorded but that is how he works daily. The question arises a low profile man how could go so high. While the real reason is no shock.

The Enforcement Directorate detected over Rs 104 crore in an account linked to Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) was already on head of  BSP supremo Mayawati and now brother’s scandal. Anand has made a scandal of Rs 1,316 crore which cannot be taken lightly he had to be exposed. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati from 2007-2014 at the same time his brother’s revenue had increased whom can she point out now on? Net profit of Kumar worth Rs 7.5 crore in 2007 rose to Rs 1,316 in 2014.

There is a clear paper trail of round tripping through shell companies, taking mysterious multi crore loans and huge real estate investments which the Income tax officer have found out. Aakriti Hotels Pvt Ltd  is a company in which Anand Kumar is a major player through debenture shareholdings which has been the first clear case of alleged round tripping.

This news of Brother earning in the ruling of Sister should be exposed on social media.

The records when came out after the whole investigation on BSP party found that while Rs 102 crore was deposited in Rs 1,000 notes, the rest Rs 3 crore was deposited in the old Rs 500 notes. Officials had a check and there was considerably  huge cash of about Rs 15-17 crore being deposited everyday. The agency has even checked his other accounts in the same banks where Anand had a total of Rs 1.43 crore funds found. Using old notes after the ban a sum of 18.98 lakh was in account.

Now the audience will raise a question on CM Mayawati because a day after she had raid in a press conference to alleged BJP-led Centre of having an anti-Dalit mindset and for misusing government machinery to tarnish the image of her party ahead of the assembly polls.

How did this happen in the rule of CM Mayawati? A question from the audience.

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