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Now Navjot Singh Sidhu is about to quit the Kapil Sharma Show after Sunil Grover and Chandan Prabhakar

There were reports that Siddhu Paji is quitting The Kapil Sharma Show as he is entering into Politics. His wife…

By Administrator in Television on March 21, 2017

There were reports that Siddhu Paji is quitting The Kapil Sharma Show as he is entering into Politics. His wife even confirmed the news by saying,  “Sidhu will now completely focus on Punjab politics. And that is why he has recorded all the shows till 30th September and has already said goodbye to the cast.” As now he is a minister of Punjab, and he is even a part of the show.

As we have got the news about Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s fight now we got another shocking news about Navjot Sing Sidhu. The Chief Minister of Punjab Capt Amarinder Singh attempts a legal opinion whether Sidhu Paji is quitting the show as a judge.
After the fight between Sunil and Kapil, there was news that Sunil had quit the show. After Sunil, even Chandan has quit the show, and now we got news that Navjot Singh Sidhu is also quitting the show.
Amarinder Singh will give a legal opinion on Navjot Singh and will tell whether he can be a part of The Kapil Sharma Show.
While talking to media, Chief Minister Amarinder said, “I do not know what the Constitution or the law says on this matter. We will have to ask our advocate general to give us an opinion whether a person who is a minister can do what he wants to do. It will entirely depend on legal opinion, and then I will bring it to Navjot Singh Sidhu’s notice. Frankly, I do not know whether it is a conflict of interest. Once I get an opinion from them (advocate general and legal experts), I will have a chat with him.”
Even Navjot Singh’s wife Navjot Kaur said, “I appreciate that the government has decided to seek legal opinion on the issue. He would abide by the law and would quit TV work if need be. However, I would also like to say that actors like Shatrughan Sinha and Kirron Kher have worked in films while being Parliament members. He has already stopped doing cricket commentary, and if there is anything wrong in him appearing in the TV show, he will quit that also.”
Sidhu is a front runner for the Deputy CM, and he was given a lightweight department to look after. Navjot Singh is a minister of tourism and culture in the new government of Congress.
On Sunday, Navjot Kaur posted on Facebook that her family had no other income except television. Kaur wrote on Facebook, ”Such hype has been created about Navjot earning a living from television. When I was working as an MLA, my electricity bill and tea for guests cost more. We have no other business or source of income except television. He has left 80 percent of shows, which included IPL, commentary, etc. Shooting for two shows (of the comedy show) takes only five hours a week and that also mostly on Saturday night. I think it is a meagre time for a non-socially active God-fearing workaholic (sic).”
When Sidhu was with BJP, a cricketer became a politician in Amritsar as MP for three times. In the recent polls, Sidhu won the Amritsar East seat. This seat was earlier represented by his wife in Congress.
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