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Now Auto Rickshaw drivers get rewarded Rs 2000 for helping accident victims in Delhi.

After applying the odd-even scheme, the government of Delhi has come up with a brilliant idea, that they not save…

By Administrator in News on January 7, 2017

After applying the odd-even scheme, the government of Delhi has come up with a brilliant idea, that they not save the lives but will also promote road safety among the residential area. This is an idea that will probably save many lives in road accidents. The Delhi government will reward auto rickshaw drivers who will help the victims of traffic accidents to get medical attention. This move is an idea because many ambulances do not reach the victims in time due to the lots of traffic on the roads of the national capital of India.

The score of people who lost their lives was because the victim could not reach the hospital on time.This solution on a such a problem will probably change things for the betterment of the country. The government will offer rickshaw waalas Rs. 2,000 for every time they save a life of a person said in a report in a daily on Friday. The government is also planning to give auto drivers first aid kits and teach them basic medical skills. This move came out weeks after Supreme Court agreed with the guidelines protecting Good Samaritans.

While speaking to a daily, Satyendra Jain Delhi Health Minister said that the truth is that the Delhi ambulances do not reach on time. If we follow the protocols, then we would not be able to save any lives.  We are just giving good economic incentives to Good Samaritans who waste their time off work. Most of the cases we see that their clothes are bloodied and suffer because of helping the road accident victims. This is just a reward and its optional its upon people who want to take this money.

Health Secretary Tarun Seema says that the official notification will be issued soon. He further says that even the modalities are still worked out, whether to give auto drivers money immediately or to give them options for vouchers for fuel or cash or mobile payments. Nearly half the deaths caused because of road accidents can be prevented if the victims are given medical attention, within one hour, what is called as “the golden hour,” after the accident has occurred.


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