New York Celebrated TURBAN DAY And Its The Coolest Thing We Have Ever Seen

Sikhs people are the best kind of people and the reason why we say this is, they are not hypocrite, they are brave, they are straight forward and hence not only us but also a part of world is celebrating their awesomeness by showing a sign of respect as New York recently celebrated #TurbanDay and the entire city was seen wearing turban.

Turban Day was celebrated to build awareness about the Sikh culture and tell the world about what it means as Indian culture is spreading to nook and corners of the world we are happy to see that people are embracing our culture and traditions with so much joy and happy to see that the Sikh tradition is turning into and international trend.

We have seen that at many times western people confuse a Sikh with a Muslim as In both the cultures people tend to have grown beard. This is a great move by the liberals out there to create awareness about Sikh. In India too, we need such awareness program for the northeast.

In India too, we need such awareness program for the northeast.

Mazhab nahi sikhaata aapas mein bair rakhna!

Turban in the City: Turban Day 2017 NYC

Turban in the City: Turban Day 2017 NYC was a celebration of the Sikh Turban. Giving an opportunity to 8,000 people to experience a turban on their head. Hear the first hand testimonies of how people from around the world felt on Turban Day!Special shoutout to Fahim Feroj and Monty Lokesh Kataria for capturing these testimonies!Video Production Credit: NYdreams.com#TurbanDay #IamaSikh

Posted by Sikhs of New York on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Written by Abhinav Anand

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