The New Age of Digital India is Here With The Launch of Visa ‘Reimagine India’

India is emerging as the global leader in the International forum. The vision of cashless India is turning into a reality with the launch of the latest campaign by Visa, the global payment technology giant. Recently Visa launched their latest campaign ‘Reimagine India’ that reflects the true spirit of the young and progressive Indian youth. The tag line “You reimagine India. We reimagine Payments” that aptly defines this revolutionary campaign by Visa, in itself says a lot about it. This initiative by Visa is here is to make lives simpler by reimaging ways the New India pays.

Visa #ReimagineIndia India is leaping into the future. The new, digital Indian is progressive, boundary-pushing and wants to be unbound from anything that slows them down. The youth do not recognise barriers and want to use technology to lead a friction-less life. This campaign by Visa gives the progressive Indians a power to be in full control of their lives. The youth of India chooses to be unbound by any barriers. It’s the time for the change and with Visa ‘Reimagine India’ the change is right here.

Watch the VISA #ReimagineIndia video series showcasing the new and progressive outlook of the Indian youth.

Through this video, the campaign portrays six situations that reflect the ways in which the progressive Indians are redefining their ways of living, in their own unique ways. Shot in a narrative manner, the video showcases how these six Indians are re-imagining India and using Visa to make things simpler and hassle free for them.  Visa’s new ‘Reimagine India’ launch brings you imaginative and unbound payment experiences, like never before.

This campaign by Visa targets every single Indian who aspires to bring the change. Watch the VISA #ReimagineIndia video series (link below) showcasing the new and progressive outlook of the Indian youth. The video captures how the life space is transforming around us, right from changing the outlook of using public spaces and fitness beyond walls to celebrating festivals in a noiseless way and staying closer to nature through urban gardening.


The unbound spirit of the New India is tapped here in myriad ways. The Visa ‘Reimagine India’ redefines the payment mode to make this change appear seamless. Make your payments anytime, anywhere, anyway, without worrying about carrying cash.

How do you visualize the change? Share how you ‘#ReimagineIndia’ in your own unique ways; how you redefine your life space – your way of thinking, living, travelling, working, doing household chores, shopping, helping the society, pursuing a hobby or simply having fun!

Visa Changing ways

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