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Neighbour Records Woman in Delhi brutally beating an old lady (FULL VIDEO)

A horrifying footage which shows a 85-year-old woman being assaulted by her 60-year-old daughter at their Kalkaji home in south…

By Administrator in Viral on May 24, 2016

A horrifying footage which shows a 85-year-old woman being assaulted by her 60-year-old daughter at their Kalkaji home in south Delhi, was circulated widely on social media on Monday. The video was recorded by the octogenarian’s neighbour. The neighbour even called the police control room (PCR) and reported the incident to the police.

According to reports, the 85-year-old mother was beaten by her 60-year-old daughter in Delhi’s Kalkaji area because of a quarrel over food. In the video, she can be seen abusing her mother, dragging her, slapping her and then pulling her her inside the house. The woman can also be heard shouting at the neighbour, who criticised her for beating the old woman.

Neighbours who filmed the whole incident had to say that this fight was a regular affair. While people were going gaga over the incident, victim Gurbachan Kaur said that it was a family affair and normal argument between a mother and daughter. The video of a woman beating her weak old mother is being widely shared on social media platforms, extract a lot of outrage among those who have seen it.

The video is very sad and it is a pathetic feeling to see some elderly person getting hit by their own disrespectful family members. It seems the family is having a rough time dealing personal issues. But to go to an extent of raising hands and violence is as disturbing as it gets.  The neighbours did raise their voice, which did create a sense of fear in the woman, after which she is seen arguing with the neighbours and standing without a shame in the balcony along with the crying elderly women.


Neighbours claimed that it was a regular affair. Similar incidents had happened earlier as well but the matter was not reported to the police, said Preetpal Singh , the neighbour who made the video. “I decided to upload the video on Facebook following which I was contacted by the police,” said Singh , who has even filed a complaint at the Kalkaji police station. However, the mother refused to give the police any statement.

The mother did not give any statement to the police. Hence, no action could be taken.

The one minute 25 second-video clip was viewed by more than 14 lakh people on Facebook till in 24 hours after it was uploaded by a community channel on its social networking site page. Facebook users are not only shocked but also charged up to take action against the middle-aged woman.

This is not for the first time when something like this has come up and catch the viral wave as always. A hard-hitting video went viral few months ago also. In that video a daughter-in-law is seen beating her elderly mother-in-law in condition when she the mother was not keeping well and probably bedridden.

Image Source: Facebook

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