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NDTV India Was Order To Go Off Air For A Day By The Indian Government, But Why?

NDTV India was ordered  to go off air for a day by The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on this…

By Administrator in News on November 4, 2016

NDTV India was ordered  to go off air for a day by The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on this Thursday due to violation of the programme code governing content in news channels. It all started from the pathankot attack.

An official from the Ministry said, followed recommendations of an inter-ministerial committee, which gathered the NDTV’s coverage of the Pathankot terrorist attack, revealed strategically sensitive details of the government’s invasion against terrorists. As a result, the news channel will go off air for a day from 1 pm on November 9. However, NDTV did not respond to requests for comment.

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The order served on the news channel on November 2, 2016 accuses the NDTV India of revealing sensitive operational details and footage  like the location of ammunition depot; the place or location where the terrorists were kept; location of school and residential areas, while, the Indian armed forces were trying to kill the terrorists. Such crucial information had the potential to cause massive harm to the national security and to lives of civilians and defence personnel.

NDTV India to Go Off Air As Ordered By The Government

The panel initially thought that taking NDTV India off for nearly 30 days for harming national security would be justified. The Ministry, however, reminded it of a rule introduced in the moth of June 2015, concerning an officail announcement or warning to all news channels regarding the coverage of  any anti-terrorist activity.The panel then decided to impose restrictions on the news channel just for a day
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