A national level kabbadi player was on Tuesday murdered in broad day-light in Haryana Rohtak. The incident took place while Sukhvinder Narwhal was returning from practise. The crime was captured in the CCTV camera installed in one of the houses. The video footage shows two men on a bike approaching Narwhal, and one of them shooting him. As the victim falls on the ground, the duo get off the bike and repeatedly fire at him from their guns.

Mr Narhwal appears to be talking on his cellphone as the scooter approaches him. He falls to the ground after taking a bullet. The men – both in black pants, one wearing neon pink sneakers – then get off the scooter and shoot him over and over in the head. At one point, the kabaddi player, lying on the ground, turns over to his side after being shot before slowly falling back onto the road.



Sukhvinder father Chander Singh said:

“He was returning home when two people came on a two-wheeler and shot him just a few yards away from the house. By the time we reached the spot, he was already dead.”  

Police official said:

“Two persons on a scooter shot dead Sukhwinder with a pistol near his house on Tuesday evening.”


Just three months ago, another kabaddi player named Deepak Kumar was killed after men on a motorcycle shot at him in a deserted part of Rohtak. He lay on the roadside for early half an hour before his brother arrived to help him.

Police said a murder case has been registered against unidentified persons and a hunt has been launched to nab the killers. According to the parents of the deceased, Sukhvinder did not have personal enmity with anyone.