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My parents get irritated everytime I ask them for a new thing, so does yours? Here is everything I want.

Oh, I wish! We all are human beings, so no one is going to be satisfied with whatever we have….

By Abhinav D Anand in Lifestyle on April 17, 2019

Oh, I wish! We all are human beings, so no one is going to be satisfied with whatever we have. We always wish I could buy this, go here, have this gadget, travel to this place, have some royal dinners. I am same like you people who are relating to me. We all have a wish list, and I think mine is not something unique any college going may it be girl or boy will relate to these basic things which we always feel we could own one.My wishlist goes long always. Is it same like you?

1. iPhone 7- The expensive one.

Who does not want one? I have always been crazy for Apple and when you own a 5s or 6 and see someone with an iPhone 7 a normal human being accept the fact you will be jealous. Why not? It has its unique feature from style to brand name to camera everything seems perfect.


2.Branded clothes- The best Wardrobe.

You can never be satisfied with clothes, and that’s the fact especially if you are a girl. Every shopaholic will relate to this that we all are fond of clothes. Branded clothes like the big brands have always been like a dream to own an Armani perfume I cannot afford that, but yes, I want an Armani blazer.


3. A long trip with friends.

We are at our teenage who does not have friends in this age. We have crazy friends who become such a big part of our life. We always feel wish I could go far on a road trip or a long vacation with friends. I swear place won’t matter that time because you will have the craziest people with you they will make a boring place happening in no time.


4. Mac Book- My First Saving.

If you are a normal middle-class person, you will surely relate to me. We all have dreamt to get something luxurious, and this especially happens when we have just started a job, and you dream no the next thing you doing is saving and buying a Mac Book for yourself.

mac book

5. Lavish Dinner- A Perfect Weekend.

Believe me, When you start working you understand what is the importance of weekend. I just feel like let’s just hook up with some good old friends have an amazing dinner out so that all your stress of the week is gone away. In this restaurants matter, not a foodie but we all want to visit a new place every time.


My wish list! Every day, every time. You can share yours below in comments.

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