In a shocking incident, the Uttar Pradesh police allegedly asked a man to polish shoes when he reached Muzaffarnagar Police Station on Sunday to file a complaint for a lost phone. In the incident of misuse of power, Uttar Pradesh police forced an old man to polish the shoes of the entire staff. The poor man, who had arrived at the police station to lodge an application of his lost mobile phone, ended up cleaning the shoes of the policemen.

50-year-old Sittu who is a cobbler by profession, went to police station to file complaint of his missing mobile phone. The Reader at the police station, allegedly asked Sittu his profession and after finding out that sittu is a cobbler, he was asked to polish shoes of every staff and said that only then his complaint would be filed.

After shining their shoes, the victim was told by the cops not to register a complaint against mobile theft saying that they don’t have time to lodge such small cases. Sittu repeatedly requested cops to lodge a complaint saying his cellphone could be wrongly used and they must register a complaint.

The video, released by ANI, shows three policemen sitting inside the police station while a man, allegedly the complainant ‘Sittu’, is seen polishing a shoe. The video has gone viral and it has offended the locals.

Reacting to the incident, Superintendent Of Police Santosh Kumar said, “The Muzaffarnagar shoe polishing incident has been brought to our notice. A probe has been ordered in the matter. Action will be taken against the guilty.”

This is not the first such incident to have occurred in the state. The police officials have been accused of being guilty of tormenting and humiliating a 75-year-old widower, who wanted to file a complaint against his step son and daughter-in-law, by asking him to get married.

Shame on UP Police who made poor cobbler polish shoes at Muzaffarnagar police station who had gone to lodge complaint on missing mobile.