As we all have learned Grammer Lessons in our Schools and we always used to get bored during the lectures. We either had to read Shakespeare Plays, Novels and Chapters and we all found these lessons very dreadful. But today in this video you will find out how to make your Grammer class interesting. The teaching style of man will make you all stunned after watching this interesting video, you will find these Grammer Lessons very easy and funny.

The video is getting viral on Facebook, The video shows a man energetically teaching grammar to the group of students. While you will think that its hard to get a match for his level of excitement. The interesting thing that will shock you is that he moves and sings while he teaches and not only that, as he sings and teaches, he urges the others to repeat after him, which they do every time without fail and even enjoying the unique way of learning.


In the video he starts to show display constant tense, in a similar way and he goes on to teach present perfect and past indefinite tenses as well.

Amazed to see how passionately this man is trying to teach his pupils. Great way to teach and learn with songs and rhymes.