Imtiaz Ali‬‬ has made INDIA TOMORROW  a 5-min short film which shows a conversation between a sex worker and her customer, leading to a powerful message of hope. Speaking at the special screening of his short film, Imtiaz is ready to explore the digital medium and is planning a web series. The idea behind ‘INDIA TOMORROW’ is to send a message that in spite of all the adversities around, there is still hope. Interestingly, when asked why an established filmmaker should enter this short format and unnecessarily create tough competition to upcoming wanna be filmmakers who start from short films dreaming to become someone like him one fine day, Imtiaz says the digital medium crosses boundaries, states and countries and the content gets permanently stored.

Imtiaz Ali‬‬ Said:

“I am talking to people about may be a series. Basically, I am opening the gates, I feel we might be getting into, at some point, a short series with limited number of episodes.”

“I deliberately chose a sex worker because very often we feel, ‘her life is over, poor girls have no scope’. But even she can, and very often they do have plans and dreams. So if they can, anyone can.”

“I’ve been very fascinated by sex workers because they’ve always surprised me. Years back, I used to do a talk show in which I met all kinds of people and I also met some sex workers. Each one surprised me by being an individual. There is a personality, experience of life there.”

“Sometimes you have story ideas that you feel are not really meant for films. They are very dear to me, but I haven’t made them because intrinsically I know it is not for theater viewing.”

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