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Must visit places in Ladakh!

You can scarcely witness something so awesome on this planet. Ladakh, one of the best objectives in Jammu and Kashmir and India, which offers geography, nature, superb scenes, dazzling people and culture. Supported in the lap of the giant Himalayas and the Karakoram , the occupants of Ladakh are the descendants of Tibetan and Indo-Aryan culture.

Pangong Tso Lake

Known as “high grassland lake” is an endorheic. The beautiful lake is situated at a height of 4,350 meters. The lake is a source of tourist attraction as it changes its color in the lap of the Himalayas. It is a ride of 5 hours from Leh, but worth it. The route is inexplicably astonishing.

Must visit places in Ladakh! 1

Shanti Stupa

Dedicated to the Buddha this is a white Dome like structure which enlightens the best compositional quality. It is situated on the slope of Chanspa. It is a trek to achieve the highest point of the slope and ensure that you witness the wonderful Stupa during the evening.

Must visit places in Ladakh! 2

Leh Palace

Located at the highest point of Namgyal slope is the Leh royal residence. It symbolizes the custom, culture and legacy of Leh. It is another benchmark of architectural exploration. Go and have a plunge in India’s oldest culture.

Must visit places in Ladakh! 3

Sangam Valley

An enchantment in itself. Arranged 48 kms far from Leh, this place is the place the Indus and Zanskar meet. Ne can witness the converging of two unique shades of the streams.

Must visit places in Ladakh! 4

Alchi Monastery

Located in the Sham valley this place consists of murals. These Murals depict the life of both Hindus as well as Buddhists. While you will be going around the monastery make sure that you observe that the monastery is segmented into three parts, i.e. the assemble hall, the Alchi Sumtseg, and Majushri temple.

Must visit places in Ladakh! 5

There are various other monasteries, lakes, valleys and temples to explore! Make sure you cover up everything when you are in Ladakh.

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