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Must Watch: This Viral Video of Arvind Kejriwal Opening ‘PM Narendra Modi’s tijori’

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has figured out how to overwhelm the Internet once more as a video of him ‘opening Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ti Jori’ and taking out two or three books, which he said were verification against Modi’s debasement. The entire exhibit occurred amid a rally called ‘Tijori Tod, Bhanda Fod’ in Haryana.

This was a similar rally where the CM was flung a shoe at. The man who tossed the show was initially whipped by Aam Admi Part supporters and afterward taken to the Police Station for addressing. There he said he had tossed the shoe at the sheltered that was continued the stage and not Kejriwal.

To this, the CM tweeted, “Maine Kaha thaa Modi Ji kayar hain. Aaj apne chamchon se joota phikwaya. Modiji, murmur bhi yeh kar sakte hain, standard hamare sanskar/tehzeeb humein ijazat nahin dete (I had said Modi is a weakling. He got his men to toss a shoe. Modiji, we could likewise do this. In any case, our qualities don’t permit us).”

In the video – which is in effect greatly shared via web-based networking media – Kejriwal was joined by representative CM Manish Sisodia conveying the mic in his grasp. The safe had Modi’s photograph on it with “Narendra Modi Ki Tijori” composed on it. Kejriwal “broke” it open and took out a few archives. He asserted that the PM had taken cash from the Sahara and Birla bunches when he was the central priest of Gujarat, guaranteeing that reports recouped amid a strike on the Aditya Birla Group in 2013 demonstrated that Rs 25 crore was to be paid to the Gujarat CM. Of that, Rs 12 crore was paid.

Kejriwal addressed why Modi did not get these charges examined after he got to be PM. He additionally called demonetisation as one of the “greatest tricks in the nation”.

Here is the Video of the Event! –


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